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Special thanks to Gerald Liang, the late Emil Strasser, Dr. Aaron King, Richard Toth, and Pete Law. Without their generous contributions, these galleries would not be possible. Photos by Gerald Liang, Emil Strasser, Pete Law, Neal Nurmi, and Scott Germain.
Aaron King - Cleveland 1949

Baby Gorilla

Baille Sea Fury
Big Hummer
Blue Max
Bud Fountain Bearcat
Chino 2003
Chino 2004
Critical Mass
Czech Mate
Dago Red 2000
Dago Red - Build Dago Red
Emil Strasser 1949 Cleveland
Excalibur III
Fox Field Races 1965
Furias - Vintage
Furias - Modern
The Galloping Ghost 2009 (Mon-Wed)
The Galloping Ghost 2009 (Thur-Mon)
Gege II / Habu
Miss Ashley II
Mangia Pane
Miss Foxy Lady
Miss America
Miss Candace
Miss Merced - Vintage
Miss Merced - Modern
Miss RJ
Miss Suzi Q
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Mennen
Obscure Cleveland Racers - Dick Toth Collection
Old Blue
Penhall Mustang
Pete Law Collection I
Pond Racer
Porky II / POF P-38 Air to Air
Precious Metal - Original
Precious Metal - Griffon / Air to Air
PRS 2003
PRS 2004
Race 5 Mustang
Race 12 Mustang
Race 45 Mustang - Anson Johnson
Race 57 F2G Corsair - Modern
Racing Mustangs I
Racing Mustangs II
Rare Bear - Early
Rare Bear - Late
Red Baron
Red Baron - Pete Law Collection
Reno 2000
Reno 2002
Reno 2003
Riff Raff
Risky Business
Roto Finish
Scatterbrain Kid II
September Pops Racing Team - Early
Specter / Leeward Air Ranch Special
Sport Class 2003
Sumthin' Else
Sunset Racers
POF Super Corsair
Sweet P
T-6 Racers - 2003
Tipsy Miss / What Price Speed? / Cobra
Trevor Stanley Collection
Udvar-Hazy 2004
Voodoo 2000
WAP Racer Profiles
E.D. Weiner Mustangs
White Lightning
Whittington Bearcat
Whittington P-51H



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